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RosemaryRosemary is an extremely useful herb both as a remedy and in cooking.  It originated in those countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, and tends to grow at lower latitudes.  It is now cultivated broadly, both for its beauty and its benefits.

The woody branches of rosemary can be used as skewers for seafood, meats and vegetables.  It does impart a strong flavor when used in this manner.  Rosemary is also used for its fragrance, in perfumes, soaps and other products. 

The essential oil of rosemary is very powerful, and should never be ingested. Mixed with other, milder oils, it is useful for massage. While it is possible to make rosemary oil at home, it is not recommended, unless you have a still. There are other methods, but none of them as effective..

Rosemary has many uses in herbal preprations, as well. It may ease mild to moderate depression, and it can raise blood pressure. For that reason, rosemary tea is not recommended for those struggling with high blood pressure. The amounts used in most cooking should not affect the blood pressure, however.

There are lots of different methods of preparing rosemary. It can be made into a tea (or infusion), a decoction and an extract. For culinary purposes, such as the above mentioned skewers, it should be stripped of its leaves..

Rosemary is one of the ingredients in an oil extraction we call "Mear's Oil. Mear is my daughter's horse. My daughter called on a Sunday afternoon, concerned about an infected fly bite on her horse. It wasn't bad enough for an emergency vet visit, but it was very uncomfortable for the horse.

When I brought the oil to her, my daughter did not really expect it to do any good, but by the next day, the bite was much better. We now use it for many different types of minor wounds.

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